Titan Quest

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Travel to Ancient Greece or mysterious Egypt and fight to destroy the terrible Titans.

Titan Quest is an RPG and action game set in Ancient Greece and Egypt. The character in the game is a human, and must follow adventures and find secrets to capture the ancient Gods: the Titans. Following the structure of Diablo II, Titan Quest has become one of the most popular games of its genre.

The story starts when there is a great fight between the Gods and the Titans. The Titans were banished from the Earth so humans could be at peace. But over time they have returned to reclaim what was theirs, placing humans in danger once again. Your adventure starts in a small village, whose inhabitants ask you for different favours. You have to confront numerous creatures, like walking skeletons, giant spiders and enormous monsters. Thanks to the missions you advance through the game, but if you prefer, you can leave them to one side and enter this adventure by your own means.

During the game you are compensated with different weapons and armour to protect your character, other objects of interest like health potions, food etc. Enter the fantastic world made up of excellent images full of detail.


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